Dentrix | G5 | Untangle | GNU/Linux

Network Solutions, Inc. provides support to a WIDE variety of software.  Every profession has a range of software titles to choose from, so we have to be able to cope with whatever our clients choose.  However, there are some software titles that are common across almost all offices.  For example, the vast majority of of companies use Microsoft Windows on their workstations.  Our staff is very adept at learning new software applications so that our clients can feel free to choose the software that will do the best job for them.   We also specialize in certain software packages, such as Dentrix for dental practice management, Linux for home or server use, and Untangle for network monitoring and access.

And if your software runs on a Mac?   That’s no problem either.  We support Apple’s hardware AND software.  So, whatever your needs are, just leave the technical support to us.