Dentrix G5 is the latest version of the Dentrix practice management software. It includes several new software features and enhancements, including the following:

  • A true client-server database architecture: This architecture adds additional stability and efficiency to the software because the server rather than the workstations now performs the work of retrieving and writing data to and from the database.
  • Electronic EOBs: You can now receive and post electronic insurance payment information to the Dentrix database using an electronic Explanation of Benefits (eEOB) or Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA). The Batch Insurance Payment Entry dialog box has been modified so you can easily enter check insurance payments and review, edit, and post electronic insurance payments from the same location.
  • Claim attachment requirement notifications: Those who use eClaims will be notified when they submit a claim if the payor requires a claim attachment for specific procedures if the attachment is missing.
  • A new Screen Capture feature: This new feature allows you to select an area of the screen, capture it, and automatically attach the image to an insurance claim, then save the image in the Document Center.
  • Report monitoring for improved security: Monitoring when someone previews or prints Day Sheet and Audit Trail reports is easier now. Each type of report has its own record in the Dentrix database and its own series of sequential audit numbers so that you can track each report type individually.
  • Easier access to the Tutor database: A new option was added to make switching in and out of the Tutor database much easier. After you switch out of the Tutor database, Dentrix automatically reconnects to your practice’s live database.
  • Dentrix Mobile: The new Dentrix Mobile features a more detailed, interactive interface for Apple iPad and Motorola Xoom–including an enhanced graphical appointment book that matches your main Dentrix color scheme to improve to recognition and consistency.
  • Dentrix Dentalink: Provides secure instant messaging for dental practices, so everyone in your office can communicate efficiently without disrupting patient care or interrupting office workflows.


The system requirements have changed substantially for this new version.   Please check the system requirements documentation for more information to make sure your hardware is compatible.

Contact us today to get your practice upgraded to the new G5 so you can take advantage of these important features!