If your online presence depends on Linux (which it probably does), then you need to haveexperts to handle the planning, maintenance, and expansion of your Linux-based systems.

Don’t rely on the datacenter support staff that say they support Linux. Most of the time, their “support” is limited to installing the operating system and/or hitting the reset switch on your server. Your company deserves professionals that can optimize your server performance and secure your systems against attack.

Network Solutions, Inc. has been a pioneer in the usage and application of Linux solutions for over a decade. Starting in 1997 we were running production systems on mission critical servers providing service for thousands of users using Redhat 4.1.  Network Solutions, Inc. has long been supportive of the open source community and often contributes code and/or testing to projects we are using.   Today, we specialize in the management and support of Debian and Ubuntu systems.

We are one of  just a few solutions providers in North America for Canonical, the makers of Ubuntu Linux.   Our support engineers work withcustomers to plan and setup servers with services such as web, email, or databases.  We perform security auditing, proactive monitoring and maintenance of systems ranging from a single server to a load balanced cluster with redundant failover capabilities.