These days the internet is critical to most businesses. However, internet access can also cost companies a lot of time and money due to lost productivity. This lost productivity can come from employees that are surfing social network sites (such as Facebook and MySpace) or from computer downtime caused by viruses and/or spyware that has infected the computer through the internet. Companies need a method for controlling and monitoring their employee’s internet access.

Network Solutions, Inc. has teamed up with a company called Untangle to bring a simple, reliable, and inexpensive solution to this very complex problem. The Untangle platform sits between your network and the internet and can intercept spyware, viruses and spam as well as control and record access to web sites.

To businesses, one of the most important features is the ability to generate reports about internet usage. Summary, detail, or per user reports can be automatically generated and emailed to managers so that they can monitor exactly how the internet is being put to use at the office. There is also a report archive that keeps 30 days of reports so that behavior history can be referenced. The reports have “vital statistics” summaries, and incident-based details. In addition, daily, weekly, and monthly schedules can be customized.

Most hackers are looking for computer networks that they can hijack and exploit. They cast wide nets using automated programs that sniff out exposed networks. This makes small businesses, with more limited IT budgets, particularly vulnerable. The Untangle Intrusion Prevention software intercepts attacks in their tracks. Working transparently on your network, this innovative application uses thousands of signatures to detect, block and log intrusion attempts, using industry-standard rules.

The Untangle platform provides access to over 30 of the best open source projects such as SpamAssassin, ClamAV, and OpenVPN and has combined them into 14 fully integrated applications that are easy to maintain. With Untangle, managers can:
Filter Web Access
Block Spam
Block Viruses
Manage Firewall
Block Phishing
Manage QoS
Generate Reports

Untangle is another great tool that we at Network Solutions use to monitor, protect, maintain, and optimize your computer infrastructure so that your staff can use the equipment to get the most benefit for your company.