Network Solutions, Inc  was incorporated in 1995. Its founders had extensive experience in hardware repair and networking and had started working in the computer business in 1987.  From the beginning, Network Solutions, Inc. concentrated on business networks for companies that were too small to support an internal information technology department.  In 1996 the founders of Network Solutions, joined with another partner to form Internet Solutions.  Internet Solutions was started to provide internet services to both business and home users.  The two companies shared offices and staff, which helped them become leaders in bringing business networks onto the internet.  Internet Solutions has now been brought under the Network Solutions, Inc. umbrella and functions as a division of Network Solutions.

Network Solutions has always been on the leading edge of offerings with regards to services and support.  We brought free virus scanning to our customer’s email years before the “big guys”.  Similarly, we brought spam filtering out early on – pioneering some of the code used in programs around the world now for spam filtering.  Now, we are bringing our customers improved technical support through new tools such as our iFoye technology.   In addition, we have also developed systems for onsite and offsite backups to protect our customer’s data and monitor for problems.   Network Solutions also began to deploy Linux servers as early as 1997.  These technologies are just starting to become “main stream”, but we have been working with them for years.

The Internet Solutions division is a full service web host and email provider.  We are not a “reseller” of a larger ISP’s service – everything is done in-house.   Our datacenter features redundant firewalls for security,  fiber-based internet connectivity, and uninterruptible power supplies backed by a natural gas generator for immortal power.  All of our systems are monitored 24 hours a day by automated systems which notify technicians in the event of a problem in as little as one second.

Network Solutions started  a healthcare division in 2002, which focuses on networking medical offices in support of their practice management systems. We provide turnkey solutions supporting business applications as well as operatory computers.  Network Solutions installs and supports software such as Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Practice Works, ManagementPlus, and other solutions.  Our installers can setup custom mounting equipment to provide seamless, clean installs for operatories and exam rooms.  We can also integrate video, audio, and telephony systems into the computer network to maximize the efficient use of your technology systems.

In 2015, we spun off a sister company of Network Solutions, Inc. called Network Solutions Automation, LLC.   This new company is dedicated to home and office automation and integration including many aspects of a building’s infrastructure.  Network Solutions Automation can integrate systems such as heating and cooling, lights, security systems, cameras, door locks, audio and video systems.  Network Solutions Automation draws from the extensive networking and service experience from the staff at Network Solutions to connect and integrate these different systems into a clean, reliable, easy to manage solution for your home or business.

Most recently, we moved into the unified communications arena with our offerings of world-class VOIP solutions.  Traditional phone systems have all but gone away, and they have moved to network-based systems utilizing internet resources and computer-based extensions.  All of the devices in a modern-day phone systems are basically computers and network nodes.  As such, who better to manage and control these devices than your network administrators?  We’ve found that companies coming from a telephony background don’t fully understand the complexities of networks and many times their systems can interfere with existing networks.  Sometimes, this results in finger pointing with the telephone provider pointing to the network and the network admins pointing to the phone systems.  As a result, we decided to bring everything in-house so that we can offer complete control of your network and VOIP systems so there is no question of whom you need to call.  Let us take a look at your existing system and help you see the new features available to your company as well as the cost savings they can bring!

Network Solutions has always been committed to service after installation.  All computer systems require periodic upkeep and we have the staff and the experience to quickly and efficiently keep your systems in optimum condition.  Many of our systems (such as onsite backups, offsite backups, and our server installations) will notify our technicians in the event of a problem.  Much of the time, we can fix issues before YOU know you have one.  Proactive problem resolution is one of the newest areas that Network Solutions is working on cutting edge solutions.

These days it is tempting to just buy a computer and call someone to come hook it up to make it do everything you want. Unfortunately, it does not always work that way. Your network needs to be planned out from the beginning so that it will be scalable enough to grow with your business. Your equipment also needs to work together seamlessly, and that integration requires a thoughtful look at “the big picture.” At Network Solutions, we understand that you might not know much about computers. Really, you shouldn’t have to. We probably don’t know much about the business YOU are in. When our cars break, we visit a mechanic. You should think about your computers in the same way. You don’t need to know how a car is put together to be able to drive to the supermarket. In the same way, you don’t need to know all about computers for them to work for you — if they are setup and installed properly. That is where we come in so you don’t have to learn about computers and can focus on learning all that you need to know about running your business.