Cloud Storage / NetSol Cloud

Network Solutions, Inc. offers state-of-the-art cloud storage for your home or business needs.   We draw on our years of experience with our online backup service to bring you an on-demand cloud storage system with many features.  We call it the NetSol Cloud.

File Access – Access your files on the web or from your desktop.  Our cloud service is cross platform, meaning it works with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.  You can even access your files with Android or iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc.) using third party apps.

Backup – Synchronize your files/folders from your desktop or laptop using our Desktop Sync Client found here.

Collaborate – Edit ODF documents (compatible with Word, Google Docs, LibreOffice, and others) simultaneously with others.  See your team’s changes in real time.

Sharing – You can share files with other users of our service or through a public link that you can send to anyone!

Bookmarks – Keep the same bookmarks across all of your browsers and computers by storing them in the cloud.

Sync Contacts – Your contacts can be accessed via the web interface or using other devices and programs using the open protocol CardDAV.

Sync Calendars – Manage calendars directly on the web or connect them to your Android or iOS devices, or desktop applications.  Your calendars will be with you everywhere!

Security – Access the cloud storage through an encrypted connection ensuring your data is kept private.

For businesses, we offer a private cloud with full management capabilities allowing you to create users, define storage quotas, and create groups for sharing among different departments.  Unlike some cloud services (Dropbox, for example), you have full control over all of your storage, you can lock out users, and you can use large amounts of storage if you need it.  Your entire company can now be decentralized yet still connected.

You can purchase as little or as much space as you like.  Give us a call at 256-547-6817 or email and let us get you started in the cloud today!