Also known as an online backup, this package is designed for businesses needing simple and reliable backups of their most critical data. Our remote backup servers are setup to securely connect to your server and synchronize your valuable data to drives in our data center. This action is performed nightly and automatically. The data is encrypted in transit so that your information is not in danger of being read by hackers. Since the data is backed up offsite, even a natural disaster that destroys your server (and possibly your backup tapes) can be recovered from in a timely manner. Since the system is automatic, you don’t need to worry about whether your backups are being done. Five full backups are maintained on our backup servers so that you can retrieve data from up to a week in the past. Our technicians view the status of all backups daily and respond to any failures or problems that may occur. Our system is accessible by you via a secure web page where you can check the status of your backups. This status will tell you information like runtime, error logs, amount of data, and age of the backups. You can also see all of the files in your backup and securely restore selected files at any time you like.

· Installation and setup of the software
· Initial backup made on-site
· Scheduled daily backups of your data
· Client-side software which facilitates the backup and encrypts your data
· Secure web interface for backup status and user initiated restores
· Free Onsite Backup service (not including hard drive or client software)

· Always-on internet connection with 256K or better upstream capability, Wireless, Cable, DSL, and Fiber qualify
· Apple, Linux or Microsoft Windows 2003+ server or Windows workstation
· Important data that needs to be protected and backed up

One-time setup of your server and initial synchronization: $150
Weekday Backups of up to 10 GB $ 35 /month
Weekday Backups of 10GB to 25 GB $ 50 /month
Weekday Backups of 25 GB to 100 GB $ 75 /month

Backups over 100 GB* $100 /month + $.60 /GB/month over 100GB

*may require additional setup costs