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Network Solutions, Inc. Has been incorporated for over 25 years. The company founders had an extensive background in networking and hardware and started the company to support small businesses.

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Netsol website has been refreshed

We've dusted off our website and updated it with a modern WordPress theme. Our old theme was around 10 years old which had broken the menus and some other [...]

Web Server Problem

September 27, 2021 - 9:30am - We are experiencing an issue with a shared web server which is affecting some customers.   We are currently investigating the issue as it is [...]

Phone Issues

September 25, 2021  3:30pm  - We are getting reports of our customers not being able to receive calls from Verizon.  Right now, only Verizon has been tested.   We're working on [...]

Gadsden Area Comcast Outage – Updated

09/01/21 8:09 PM: We have been informed of a widespread Comcast outage affecting a large number of our customers. Currently we are being told that they estimate services to be [...]