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Network Solutions, Inc. Has been incorporated for over 25 years. The company founders had an extensive background in networking and hardware and started the company to support small businesses.

UPS Failure

June 22, 2024 - In what seems to be a regular thing now, we had an equipment failure of a battery backup system this morning at about 7:15am.    It affected [...]

Data Center Internet Outage

06/14/2024 2:58pm - At approximately 1:30pm we were notified of service outages with our mail system, upon further investigation we were able to that routing from our upstream provider was [...]

Data Center Power Failure

06/13/2024 1:49am - We have experienced a power failure at our data center and our generator system did not power up automatically as expected. This allowed some of our systems [...]

New Remote Email Forward Policy

February 6, 2024 - Beginning today, we will be ending the ability to do "remote forwards" on email accounts.   A remote forward is setup to take an email address which [...]