Computers are critically important to doing business and when your computer is down, your business suffers. It is more important than ever to receive instant support for your computer problems. Network Solutions understands this problem and has worked to develop tools to streamline our ability to handle your problems quickly and efficiently. Most of the time, we can diagnose and fix your problem without having to dispatch a technician. Remote access saves you time and money by reducing downtime for you so you can concentrate on YOUR job – not ours. Because a technician does not have to come to you, we are able to save you money in labor and travel costs.

Network Solutions is proud to offer another state-of-the-art tool for remote access. We call it “iFoye” (pronounced: I-FOY-EE ) which is short for “In Front Of Your Eyes”. iFoye allows us to remotely control your computer while you watch. Our custom software is a small download that you can get from our web page or that we can easily email to you. All you need is internet access, and our technicians can work securely with you to quickly solve your problem. IFOYE transfers your data in an encrypted format keeping your information secure from prying eyes. We can chat with you through the software or over the phone while we work on your problem. IFOYE also allows us to transfer files to and from your computer. This allows us to send you updates or retrieve files to our office for analysis.

Running iFoye is simple – just two double-clicks is all it takes to be connected with one of our technicians. iFoye is by invitation only; YOU invite us to be connected to your computer. We cannot connect to you without your permission. The iFoye icon is visible anytime that it is active so you know when we are connected to your system. As soon as the technician disconnects from your computer, the software removes itself so you don’t clutter your computer with any unnecessary programs.

In order to use iFoye to solve your technical problem, you need to be working with one of our technicians. If you haven’t yet contacted our staff for technical support, you can call us at 877-886-6868 to open a support ticket.  You need to be using the computer with the problem when you contact us.