It is a fact of life: computers sometimes break.  In your business, this can be devastating to your productivity and bottom line. In your home it can also be a huge problem.  As more people use computers at home for their job and for school, a breakdown can be very inconvenient or worse.   At Network Solutions, Inc., we understand that you NEED your computer.  That is why we have a large staff and work area so that we can handle your computer issue as quickly as possible.  We carry a large inventory of common parts in stock, so if you have a hardware failure, most of the time  you do not need to wait for it to be ordered.  Every computer that arrives in our office has its data backed up and retained for 90 days (assuming the hard drive is readable).  That way, we can ensure your data is safe as we proceed through the repair process.  Our staff will troubleshoot the computer, and when a diagnosis is reached, they will provide you with an estimate on the cost of parts and labor.

In the event that your computer has suffered a catastrophic failure that is not worth fixing, we have both new and refurbished computers available for purchase.  We can even move the data from your old computer to your new one before you pick it up.  Then, we will properly dispose of the old computer after we completely wipe your personal data from your old hard drive.

We repair both desktops and laptops (including Windows, Apple, and Linux).   We also repair printers, and we can troubleshoot monitor issues as well as problems with other peripherals.