Although Network Solutions, Inc.’s main focus is businesses, the fact remains that residential computer users also need computer and networking support.   We are glad to be able to provide that kind of enterprise level support to home users as well.  One of the main issues with the information technology industry is the fact that there are no licenses required to do the work.  For example, a lawyer, doctor, or accountant has to have a certain license to practice.  Unfortunately, in the computer business, anyone that has lost their job and is trying to find something to do can put a sign in their front yard and claim they are a “computer guy”.   This is a real issue for end users, because they don’t understand the level of experience that is needed to be able to reliably troubleshoot and correct even the most common issues.  Our company has the infrastructure in place with the staff, tools, and knowledge to be able to handle your problems in a professional manner.  Our company is here to stay, and we stand behind our work and complete the job quickly and efficiently.  Don’t be taken by the “computer guy” that sets up a “business” out of his home to make ends meet.

Whether your home needs wiring, wireless, or just an internet connection hooked up, we can get the job done for you.  We can even come to your house and unbox a new computer and do the initial setup on it, including getting it on the internet and installing all of the necessary security updates.  We handle computer repair for both hardware and software.  If your computer is infected by viruses, we can help.  We have three dedicated technicians for computer repair and virus removal.

We can also help you with solutions to prevent further infection such as our live Linux USB and up-to-date virus protection.   Our team can also work with you remotely using iFoye to determine if a service call will be need or if your issue can just be handled remotely over the phone.