Network Solutions, Inc. is proud to help contribute to a cleaner environment by working with our customers to recycle their old equipment.  We data wipe any hard drives that we recycle to insure that your valuable and private data does not fall into the wrong hands. Additionally, we keep harmful materials such as lead and mercury from getting into landfills and possibly even ground water by shipping the old equipment to recycling centers that properly dispose of the constituent materials.When possible, we also recycle shipping materials, such as cardboard boxes in which we receive parts. We regularly try to participate in our local community recycling program to help eliminate waste of cardboard, newspapers, and plastics.

We recycle the following items for customers:

Computer Components – all
Fax Machines
Cell Phones
Print Cartridges
Battery Back-ups and Batteries

Copiers, Computer towers or laptops are $15, which includes the data wipe of the hard drive(s).   Other items are $10 each with a 10% discount for 6 items or more.  Free recycling is given to customers with the purchase of a new computer.