We chose the name “Network Solutions” because networks are the main focus of our business. All networks are going to require infrastructure to be operational and we are experienced with all aspects of network design, implementation, and maintenance. The network infrastructure, including the wiring, jacks, power, etc. is only as good as the computers it connects. We have years of experience custom building computers for business applications and now we also offer the international expertise of DELL to our lineup. We can manage the ordering, storage, pre-configuration, delivery, and installation of your new DELL hardware.

It has been our experience that many offices do not have adequate backup systems. Tape backups are slow, unreliable and difficult to restore from; especially for large amounts of data such as dentists with thousands of radiography and camera images. CDs are great for music, but they scratch easily, are limited to small amounts of data, and are not supported by many types of backup software. CDs are probably one of the worst choices of media for backing up vital data. Scheduled backups require little effort on the end users part, but many times the verification process is either inaccurate or neglected. Network Solutions provides backup systems that are simple, fast, easy to use, and are monitored by technicians in our facility. We recommend a combination of onsite and offsite backup solutions in conjunction with a RAID set on your server. The RAID set is at least two drives with redundant data that function as basically a “real time” backup. Next, your onsite backup stores a week or so of data on an external drive. If a natural disaster were to hit your office, our offsite backup would still provide you with protection.