Customers of Network Solutions, LLC. at, these are NOT your settings!

Our web-based email interface can be found on our home page or by going to

The web-based interface will allow you to choose one of three webmail clients (Tuxedo, New Tuxedo or Webmail Lite).  It will also allow you to change your email settings such as whitelists, blacklists, autoresponders, and password changes. Otherwise, please use the settings below to set up an email client (Outlook, Windows Mail, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc – we recommend using an email client instead of webmail).

Basic Email Settings

Incoming mail server name (host name):
Incoming mail server port: 143 using STARTTLS
* If no STARTTLS, 993 using SSL

Outgoing mail server name (host name):
Outgoing mail server port: 587 using STARTTLS
* If no STARTTLS, 465 using SSL

Incoming mail server is an IMAP server.
Outgoing server requires authentication (use same settings as my incoming mail server) – *do not select ‘Require logon using secure password authentication (SPA)’
User name or account name is entire email address (e.g. instead of just support)

iPhone/iOS Users please note:
Apple lists the outgoing server username and password as Optional, but they are NOT optional and must be filled out with the same information as the incoming server, including full email address as username and the corresponding password.

Additional Email Settings
Our email servers also handle POP if you prefer (not generally recommended):

Incoming mail server name:
Incoming mail server port: 110 using STARTTLS
995 using SSL

Some email clients may have SSL/TLS as an option rather than STARTTLS.  If that is the case, use the SSL ports below:

POP3 via SSL on Port 995
IMAP via SSL on Port 993
SMTP via SSL on Port 465

Click this link for detailed spam filtering instructions including personal server-side whitelisting and blacklisting.