Network Solutions, Inc. is your source for hardware relating to your network. We can provide everything including wiring, computers, custom monitor stands, printers, or just about any other peripheral your home or office may need. We have been building our own custom computers since the inception of the company and our staff is very experienced in hardware repair.

We also understand that some customers feel more comfortable with a “name brand” solution. That is why we became an authorized DELL reseller. We can handle purchasing custom computers directly from DELL for you so that you don’t have to worry about what exactly you need or whether it will be compatible with your existing system. We have the systems delivered to our office where we pre-configure them for your needs. We test the machines to make sure there are no defects and install the latest updates to the software before they arrive at your location.

Network Solutions, Inc. can now repair and support your Apple Macintosh products.  From Mac Mini’s to XServe’s to MacBooks, we can work on it all.  As more people move toward Apple, support for the Mac is a real issue for most people. Now, you don’t have to travel miles to an Apple Store – just have us handle it for you.  We also install and support Apple networks for your home or business.  If you like Apple, you’ll love Network Solutions!

Workspace in any office is a premium. Monitor arms save counter space and can also allow easier viewing capability for both staff members and patients or customers. We offer mounting solutions for the wall, the ceiling, cabinetry, and pole attachment. Some arms allow computer equipment to be folded up flat against the wall when not in use. Other arms tilt, swivel, and articulate to and from the viewer. In addition to monitor arms, we also offer keyboard and mouse trays, computer mounts, and other space-saving devices.