Network Solutions, Inc. now offers Virtual Private Server hosting. A virtual private server is a method of partitioning a physical server into multiple computers that function as individual dedicated machines. We can run your operating system of choice including all flavors of Linux, BSD, or Windows on your VPS. You have full access to the operating system including being able to reboot, update, or modify any settings that you see fit. Network Solutions will monitor any services that you choose and can provide alerts via email or text message in the event of any service outage.

Our VPS host servers run 64-bit Ubuntu Linux using KVM+QEMU for their virtualization technology. The host servers are multi-core machines running several RAID1 instances in order to balance disk I/O load. They are backed by the same infrastructure as our web servers, including redundant power supplies, firewalls, UPS units, and generator backed up power. This infrastructure insures that your VPS uptime is limited only by your choice to reboot it. We also have redundant host servers, so that if a VPS host fails, your VPS can be migrated to another host seamlessly for continued operation.

Virtual Private Servers are targeted for companies or individuals who want more control over their hosted solution. Whether that is a web page or a hosted application, you have full authority over the machine and its configuration. VPS servers also benefit from the added security of only having users that you or your company allow on the machine. In contrast, shared hosting solutions may have hundreds or thousands of accounts that are not affiliated with you or your company. On a shared hosting solution, bad coding on someone else’s web page can result in your site being unreachable or compromised. On a shared host, you are at the mercy of the ISP as to what ports or services are available on your host machine. With your VPS solution, you can only allow the very minimum services required to provide for your needs.

A VPS can also be a bridge between a shared hosting solution and a dedicated server. As your needs grow, Network Solutions can migrate a VPS to a dedicated server where your site or application is the ONLY one on the entire machine. As you grow further, we can even branch to multiple dedicated machines in a high-availability cluster. Basically, we can support you as your needs grow, so you will not have to worry about whether your solution can handle the load.