Our Internet Solutions division of Network Solutions, Inc. is a full service ISP and can provide online services to meet all of your needs. We have always been a pioneer in the industry, leading the way with technologies such as 56K dial-up (remember when that was new???), virus scanned email, and advanced email filtering.

We dedicate a lot of processing power to handling your email. We run it through several tests before it gets to your inbox. This includes virus scanning with an up-to-date and powerful virus scanner . We also list the most recent virus threats on our home page so you can be aware of new developments in that area. After virus scanning, email is sent through a rigorous examination to determine if it is “junk” or “spam” mail. If our system thinks it is, then we tag it with an easy to read message so that you can easily filter it out or sort it. We never delete your email without your knowledge.

When you need a web page hosted, you want to make sure that your provider can handle all of the advanced requirements of modern web developers. At Network Solutions, we handle a WIDE variety of pages and can handle just about any requirement that you might have some “bargain” web hosts jam thousands of sites onto each server, which means a better bottom line for them, but a slow page for you. We believe that our servers should not be overloaded and strive to have world-class uptime and stability. If you need or want control over your website, we offer virtual private servers, which give you full root access to your machine.  You will have the only web site(s) on that server, and even control what software is installed.   For even more control over your server, you can just purchase a dedicated machine and have it co-located in our datacenter.

All of our servers are backed up using the same technology as we use for our offsite backup service.  If you make a mistake when publishing a website or configuring your virtual private server, just let our technicians know, and we can restore your site or server within a matter of minutes.  Our support personnel are second to none, and can handle any issues which you may have. You talk to the people that build and configure the servers – not someone reading out of a book in India.