These are the instructions for administrating email accounts for a domain .  If you need to change individual email account settings, use these instructions instead.

Using our control panel, you can easily update settings for your domain such as adding users, forwards, autoresponders, or mailing lists.  You can also change passwords and quotas for individual users as well as making other changes.  For most customers, our support team handles these tasks, but some like a more “hands on approach” and these instructions will help guide those users.

To get started, go to our home page at  On the right side, you will find the “Online Email Center”. Click on the link that says “Modify Email Account Settings” or you can go directly to   Once you have gone to the control panel address, you will find a screen with login information.   The User Account field will already be filled in with “postmaster”.  The postmaster account is the master account for the domain and logging in with that user allows you to modify any settings available for that domain.  You will fill in your domain int he Domain Name field (for example, if your email addresses are, you would put in that blank).  Next, fill in your postmaster password.   By default we do not assign a postmaster password to customers.  If you do not have this, and wish to do your own email administration, please contact us a or 877-886-6868 to have a password set.

Once you log in, you will be presented with a menu of available settings. The Email Accounts link will allow you to create and modify email accounts for your domain.  Forwards are email addresses which are delivered to another email address (for example, you may have a that you want forwarded to a particular person).  Mail Robots are autoresponders which will respond with a predetermined email message (for example, could respond with an email giving driving directions to your location).  Mailing Lists are created to allow you to send mass emails to subscribers and to manage the subscribers on your list.

If you have any trouble accessing these settings or making changes, please contact our support team at or 877-886-6868.