April 30, 2015 – We’ve had some technical support questions regarding the Chrome browser showing an error on the secure certificate on our webmail and on some other pages.   We are using a “wildcard” certificate which matches any host at the internetpro.net domain (for example webmail.internetpro.net or mail.internetpro.net).   The certificate we have in place was issued for 5 years and is valid until June 7, 2017, but because of changes in technology the cipher that created the certificate is no longer considered adequate.   The Chrome browser has started showing an error for certificates generated with this cipher.   We will be replacing the certificate with an updated version shortly, but because of the nature of the certificate and the fact that when we issue a new one the old one will be invalidated, we must plan our deployment carefully to avoid disruptions in service.

For now, please do not be alarmed if you are using the newest Chrome browser and get a notification of a problem with the secure certificate on *.internetpro.net sites.   We will post an update here when we have finished the upgrade of the affected certificates.

Update – May 6, 2015 –  The certificate has been updated for all email services, so you should not receive the warning in Chrome on webmail.  If you see a certificate error in your email client, please let us know.  Most services have been updated now, with only some lesser-used pages still needing an update.  We will be tending to those soon as well.    Additionally, WordPress released an important security update for a critical vulnerability in the core product as well as many  themes.  We have updated the WordPress sites which we manage.