July 2, 2011 9:00am  – Comcast is experiencing a system outage in the Gadsden and north Alabama area.  Internally, their system is online, but routing outside the Comcast system is down.  We are attempting to find details on the cause and estimated time of repair.  The outage started at approximately 8:45am.  We will post updates as we have them.

Update 9:50am – We’ve been informed that the service should be back online by 11:00am this morning.  We still have not been told the nature of the outage, but at least we have an ETR.  Please note:  This outage should not affect any of our customers except those using Comcast for access.  This is not an outage we have control of.  We are only providing these updates as an informational service to you.

Update 11:01am – Well, they aren’t online yet.  We contacted Comcast to get an update and they say they have two fiber cuts on Bakers Chapel Road in Guntersville that are causing the issue.  They have removed the original ETR and now do not have an estimated time of repair.  We will continue to monitor the situation and update you as we get more information.

Update 1:15pm – Comcast has updated their estimated time to repair (ETR) to 3:00pm.

Update 4:20pm – Well, they didn’t make their original ETR or their second ETR, but it looks like they have gotten the internet back up as of 4:20pm.  Woohoo!