March 7, 2019 – We have seen many of our users receiving a phishing email which is trying to harvest usernames and passwords.   The email looks like the example below:

–BEGIN Storage Limit Exceeded!                                              

You have exceeded the storage limit on your email You will not be able to receive emails with attachments and pictures.

Upgrade storage quota now to avoid loss of data and files.

2 Things That Will Happen If You Do Not Upgrade Your Email Storage Quota:


  • Emails with attachments will not be received.
  • Emails you send with attachments will not deliver. Technical Support Team.

You received this mandatory email service announcement to update you about important changes to your email and other services.




Please note that our system will not send you any warning via email.   If you do exceed storage limits, users sending to you will receive a bounce back saying that your quota has been exceeded.  We will never send out an email asking for your username and password.  Generally, any emails you receive that ask for such information are scams.   We have reported the site hosting the form which harvests the users and passwords as a malicious site so hopefully it will begin being blocked by search engines and browsers.


If you have any questions regarding this scam OR if you fell for it, please email  us at or call 256-547-6817 so we can reset your password.