May 21, 2011 – We are going to have to perform some emergency maintenance tonight on a couple of systems.  The maintenance will start at midnight Saturday and may take a few hours into Sunday morning.  The maintenance window is 12:00am – 3:00am on May 22, 2011.   During this time, some backups may not be available for restoration as the web interface for one backup server will be unavailable.  Also, we will be performing updates on a NAS and a virtual server host which will result in some virtual private servers being unavailable during the maintenance.   The emergency maintenance is required to replace failed hard drives in two RAID arrays on different machines which did not rebuild properly when the drives were originally replaced.   Because of the redundant nature of the arrays, no data loss is expected, but the hardware must be reset for the repairs to take place.

Update:  This maintenance is contingent on the rapture not happening tonight at 6:00pm.  If the rapture does occur, we will reevaluate the availability of our technical staff and may reschedule the maintenance window.

Update 2: May 22, 2011 – 12:43am.  The maintenance has been completed without incident and ahead of schedule.  All servers and virtual servers are reporting no errors. We are also happy to report that the end of the world seems to have not come and we look forward to providing you with quality internet services until it does!