March 7, 2017 – We will be performing emergency maintenance tonight to address a critical security flaw which has been found in all Linux kernels.  The issue is detailed here:

Normally, we try to give more notice for maintenance which affects service, but due to the seriousness of this flaw, we deemed it necessary to address the issue as quickly as possible.  The maintenance window will begin at 8:00pm tonight (March 7, 2017) and will continue until the issue is resolved.   The expected time is three hours, and we will be posting updates on this page as the work is completed.    During the maintenance, all services will be affected, although not simultaneously.   Customer websites (including this site) and email services will be offline at some time while the work is being performed.   Email interruption will be brief and no emails will be lost.  Virtual Private Servers (VPS) will have the longest outage as each VPS will experience the maintenance as well as our VPS hosts and shared storage systems.  Some offsite backups may not complete normally this evening as those servers will also be affected.


Thank you for your understanding.  If you have any questions or concerns about the work being performed, please contact us at or 256-547-6817.

Clarification – The three hour expected window is the total we expect for the maintenance, not the expected downtime of each service.  Individual servers, sites, and email will be down less time during the window.

Update – A workaround has been found which will allow us to mitigate this attack without the maintenance we announced earlier.   There will be no shutdown or interruption in service as previously planned.  We are sorry for the confusion/inconvenience.