We’ve been getting a lot of inquiries from customers asking about their computers losing internet access today.  This has been in the news and is a result of malware that has infected some computers, causing them to use the wrong DNS servers.  These server originally were used by the malware writers to direct infected computers to sites where the authors could get information from your computer.  The FBI took the servers over and have been running them for about a year, but made them work like normal DNS servers.   They are shutting down the servers which will cause the computers that are using them to lose internet access.

That’s the background on the situation, but the media is really blowing it out of proportion. There are only about 65,000 computers in the entire United States which are still infected.  That is a very small number considering how many computers are out there.  However, if you are still worried, you can go to http://dcwg.org/ and test to see if you are infected.  That site will also help you remove the infection.  If you need further information, please call us at 256-547-6817 or email support@internetpro.net.