We’ve done a major update to our iFoye remote access tool.  Version 4.6 utilized Java so that we could support cross platform (Windows, Linux, AND Mac).  However, due to some recent security issues with Java, some people were reluctant to have it on their computer.  To better support those people and to speed up the process when getting connected to a technician, our new iFoye version utilizes stand-alone client downloads.  There are two available downloads: 1) A small, online version which just gets the components the software needs to run and 2) a larger, offline version, which downloads everything our software needs to run on your computer.   We also still have the Java plugin version available which runs just like the older 4.6 version.

The new version of iFoye also offers many enhancements and fixes including better Windows 8  support.  Honestly, most of the changes are on the technican side, so you as the customer receiving help won’t see much change, but these changes will help us help you faster and more efficiently than ever!   We look forward to working with you using this new tool, so if you have computer issues, don’t hesitate to call us at 256-547-6817!