Sept 3, 2010 – We are experiencing an outage that started at 4:00pm.  We are working with AT&T on a resolution.  The ticket is currently in the testing stages and we do not know what the upstream issue is.   The problem is definitely outside our network, and we are waiting on news from the upstream providers in order to get an estimated time to repair.

Update 7:50 pm.  Looks like everything is back up. AT&T has still not informed us of what the problem was, but because of the Labor Day weekend they were slower than usual in their response.  We are working on adding an additional provider to add more redundancy since we cannot count on them.

Sept 4, 2010 – AT&T never did contact us about the resolution to the problem and they automatically closed their ticket.  However, this morning we are continuing to experience issues related to this problem.   As of 8:50am, most sites/services are being impacted.  We have re-opened a ticket with AT&T and are hoping they will work on this in a timely manner, but right now it does not seem like they want to work on a holiday weekend.

Update 11:25am  – Finally got some needed info from AT&T.  They have a major fiber cut between Anniston and Talladega due to construction work.   Estimated Time to Repair is 1:00pm CDT.   This issue is affecting a large area.

Update 11:31am – Well, that was quick.  They just told us 1:00, but everything just came online.