September 26, 2022 – 3:45pm – We are experiencing a partial internet outage with high packet loss causing sites, email, and other services to not load consistently.  We have determined that the issue is related to a larger AT&T outage and we have opened trouble tickets.   We currently do not have an ETR (estimated time to repair).   We will be posting updates here and on our Facebook page since this page may not always be reachable.   This issue is affecting almost all customers.

AT&T status can be seen here:

Update 4:45pm – Still no word on our trouble tickets.  We have found that AT&T customers are able to reach our services, while Comcast and Spectrum  customers can’t currently reach us.

Update 7:00pm – We’ve received word that there is a major cable cut affecting a wide area in Alabama.  There are outages at least to Birmingham and Montgomery affecting internet, land lines, and cellular.  There is still no ETR at this time.

Update September 27 – 7:00am – Connectivity was restored right at midnight and we thought this issue had been resolved.  However, it was lost again around 4:00am.  Our ticket is still being “worked” with no additional information being added.  We are reaching out to upstream providers again.

Update 7:30am – Fiber cut is located in Oxford, AL which is a link that connects the state of Alabama to Atlanta, which is a major interchange on the internet.  Crews are working the cut, but they do not have an estimated time to repair.  If you know people in Oxford, please educate them on how to find utilities before they dig.  Apparently, there is a lack of education in that area as cuts seem to be frequent there.

Update 8:00am – Services have been restored!  Hopefully for good this time.   We’ll update if that changes.  Also, if you can’t reach this page, we are posting updates on

Update October 5, 2022 – 12:30am  – Keeping with the tradition of top notch AT&T support, we have just been contacted about this ticket being resolved. For those keeping score, this is a resolution in 9 days for an enterprise circuit.   Keep this in mind when thinking about using AT&T for your critical infrastructure needs.  This was the first contact we received from them since the beginning of the outage.