Date: 1-14-2013 – We have had several customers ask about our thoughts regarding Homeland Security’s recommendation to disable or uninstall Java.

In case you are not sure what Java is, it is a programming language that is designed to run on different operating systems (this is called “cross platform”).  Java can run on anything from a Windows PC, to Mac OSX, to a tablet or cell phone.  Because of this, we use Java in our iFoye technology which allows us to remotely support customers running virtually any operating system.  It is possible to disable Java in your browser so you will not have the security issues brought up by Homeland Security and then re-enable it if you need a support session from us through iFoye.

Homeland Security seems to think there is no “practical solution” to the problem.  However Oracle (the makers of Java) have released a new update which addresses the concerns made by the government.  We recommend that everyone running Java immediately run that update.   However, if you are uncomfortable with keeping Java live, just follow the instructions to disable Java in your browser.  We recommend running the update even if you disable Java.