December 9, 2014 – 11:35am – The new mail server system is live.  We are still moving some of the more recent emails over to the new server, but things are coming online.  Please bear with us while this change happens!   Also, don’t forget to check out the informational post here for more background on what is going on.

Update:  Customers may see some older email come in again and may see some of their recent email disappear.  The recent email will come back shortly.  The old email is email that has been deleted since we synchronized the mailbox.   We have a LOT of data and mailboxes to sync so it is impossible to do them at one time.  There will be some time difference between the migration and they sync and changes made to the mailbox during that time may revert.  You should not LOSE any email – worst case is that you get email again that you have already dealt with.   This is a necessary evil but will pass shortly.

Update 2: We have determined that there is an issue with customers who have “aliased domains”.  This occurs when there two or more domain names which point to the same mailbox.  For instance, and are the same account.  Some companies own multiple domains and set up this type of arrangement.   If your company does this, you may have trouble authenticating to receive your email.   We are currently working to fix this issue.

Update 3:   The issue mentioned in Update 2 above should be fixed.   If you are seeing authentication problems, please let us know by calling 256-547-6817.   You should NOT be receiving “bad password” errors.

 Update 4: We do know that the webmail address books did not make the migration to the new server.  This was a known issue which we mentioned on this post.   Please let us know if you need us to help move your address book for you.

Update 5:  It has come to our attention that some Apple devices (iPhones and iPads) using IMAP did not automatically resume working as most devices did (everything else).   This has to do with the nonstandard way that Apple handles folder subscriptions.  The fix is to remove the IMAP account from the device and set it up again.