June 26, 2017 – We will be performing a planned maintenance of our mail system on July 5th starting at 12:00pm.  We do understand that this is outside our normal maintenance window, but due to the way the upgrade is being performed, the downtime will only be two instances of 10 minutes or less.  Due to the nature of this upgrade, we are working with a support company to insure a smooth transition and that company does have limited availability.

The maintenance we will be performing is a major update to the operating system which will allow us to improve performance and security.  Users will see improved spam detection as well.   No email will be lost during this planned maintenance, although there will be two windows of time (expected to be less than 10 minutes each) where your mailbox and webmail will be unavailable.  We expect these two windows to be about an hour apart with the first one coming around noon and the second around 1:00pm CDT.  We do apologize for this inconvenience.   We will be posting updates here as the upgrade proceeds on the 5th of July, so check back here to get the latest status updates.

Update – July 4, 2017 –  The maintenance for July 5th has been put ON HOLD due to the long uptime of our systems and due other technical issues uncovered during the preparation for the work.  We will be performing additional maintenance (filesystem check) which will require <10 minute downtime.

Update – July 4, 2017 – The filesystem check has been completed and the other technical issues have been cleared.  We *may* be able to continue as scheduled originally, but we are waiting on word from the company we are working with.

Update – July 5, 2017 11:55am – We are going to be slightly delayed on the start of the upgrade.  We will be doing the first part starting at 1:00pm instead of 12:00pm as previously scheduled.  Phase two will be approximately 1 to 1.5 hours later.  We’ll be posting announcements here.

Update – 1:45pm – The first phase of the updates is complete.  We’ll be restarting services at approximately 3:00pm at which time service will be interrupted for a few minutes.

Update – 3:00pm – The restart has started.  Services will be down for a few minutes.

Update – 3:15pm – The upgrade did not run as planned.   Services are back up and running.   We are going to be making another attempt at about 4:00pm and we will continue to post updates here.

Update – 3:30pm – After some miscommunication, it seems that we made another attempt a little early.  Services are up and running at this time and the upgrade is proceeding correctly now.  We should experience one more short interruption and expect that to happen within the next hour.

Update – 3:38pm – SMTP port 465 is down at the moment.  We do *strongly* recommend the use of port 587 with TLS encryption instead of port 465.  If your email client will support that, please change your settings.  If you need help, please contact us.   If your email client will NOT support 587, then your outgoing SMTP service will be down for the duration of the upgrade. Please use webmail at https://webmail.internetpro.net if you need to send out an email.

Update – 3:56pm – SMTP port 465 has been restored.

Update – 4:37pm – Services are going down for an expected less than 10 minute downtime.  Once they are back online, the upgrade process should be complete.

Update – 4:46pm – Services have been restored.  We do not expect any more interruptions.

Update – 4:55pm – SMTP port 465 is down again.  We are working on resolving that.  In the meantime, webmail is available at https://webmail.internetpro.net or if your email client supports  port 587 TLS encryption, please change to that.

Update – 5:13pm – SMTP on port 465 has been restored.  At this time, we believe all services are operational, but we are continuing to test.

Update – 5:30pm – The upgrade has been completed. If you see any additional issues, please contact us at the email or phone number below.


If you have any questions regarding this upgrade, please email us at support@internetpro.net or call 256-547-6817.