We are happy to announce the release of version 1.2.0 of the NetSol Cloud Desktop Client. This release brings significant improvements in sync performance and feedback, password storage, SSL certificate handling. It also features a brand new icon theme.
Here is a list of the most important changes of the client software:

[GUI] New status dialog to show a detailed list of synced files.
[GUI] New tray notifications about synced files.
[GUI] New platform specific icon set.
[App] Using cross platform QtKeychain library to store credentials encrypted.
[App] Use cross platform notification for changes in the local file system rather than regular poll.
[Fixes] Improved SSL Certificate handling and SSL fixes throughout syncing.
[Fixes] Fixed proxy authentication.
[Fixes] Allow brackets in folder name alias.
[Fixes] Lots of other minor fixes.
[Platform] Improved, more detailed error reporting.
[Fixes] More efficiency for the NetSol Cloud plugin through less HTTP requests to the server.
[Fixes] NetSol Cloud plugin: Improved upload performance.
[Fixes] NetSol Cloud plugin: Do not abort on errors with individual files any more.
[Fixes] NetSol Cloud plugin: Use renamed session cookie correctly.
[MacOSX] Use libneon with proper big file support.
[Win32] Use libneon with openSSL support now.
Get the pre-packaged sync client for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux at https://www.netsolinc.com/sync-clients/.