We have released an update to our NetSol Cloud product.  This update is mostly bugfixes and security enhancements.  Below is a list of some of the improvements:

  • Fix navigation hover effect
  • Fix renaming of shared files
  • Several layout fixes
  • Dropbox mounting fixes
  • Texteditor fixes
  • Order images in Gallery
  • Several performance improvements of file handling
  • Internet Explorer fixes
  • Trashbin fixes for Safari
  • Several smaller fixrd
  • Several security fixes


We have also updated the sync client with some minor bugfixes.  You can get the client on our Desktop Clients Page.  Below is a list of changes:

  • Fixed wording in GUI
  • Safer approach for detecting duplicate sync runs
  • Better logging
  • Several “behind the scenes” fixes


Update to the new desktop client is recommended if you are using it.   If you have any questions, please contact us at support@internetpro.net.


Update: 6/18/2014  – A regression has been found in this version.  It is no longer possible to change your account password.  We will be releasing a new version which will fix this bug shortly.  If  you need to change your password in the meantime, please contact our support personnel and we can do it for you manually.