March 16, 2013 – We are proud to release a new major version of our NetSol Cloud product. The new version comes with many new features and improvements.

Latest NetSol Cloud Features

Usability – design improvements, new features NetSol Cloud significantly easier to manage and use:

  • New design: View content in a simplified and redesigned interface, with the main web navigation panel now clearly differentiated from in-app navigations. Settings and log-out are combined into a single user menu — which also now shows the currently logged-in user. Settings are further simplified and app-specific settings are moved from personal settings into the appropriate apps.
  • Deleted Files: Restore accidentally deleted files and folders and manually delete sensitive files, while the system now automatically cleans up older files depending on age and used space.
  • New search engine: Find files stored by name — and now by content — with a new Lucene-based full text search engine app.
  • New antivirus: Scan uploaded files using Clam AV, preventing the potential for automated distribution of infected files. Users can choose to automatically delete, report and/or log any infected files.
  • Display name: Create display names for users and administrators, simplifying the collaborative experience. In the interface and share dialog, display names are now shown instead of the login names — easier to understand for users and can be changed by the admin. (This feature is not applicable in our personal cloud product.)
  • Rewritten photo gallery: Access and share photos with friends and family with an improved and streamlined user interface – which also includes a slideshow feature.
  • Improved contacts: Access friends, coworkers and family in an enhanced interface, with contacts now organized by groups (categories) instead of address books. The main view shows an overview of the most important fields and the amount of information adjusts automatically depending on the size of the browser window or device. The web interface is now written entirely in JavaScript – resulting in a more responsive user experience.
  • Improved calendar: Mark events as confidential or public easily with a simplified user interface that gives users more control — including support for classes.
  • Improved bookmarks: Create, find and use bookmarks faster with filter navigation, a “read later” button for the browser toolbar, and many more enhancements that make getting to bookmarked content faster and easier.

Performance – enhanced scaling, better storage management, improved code security :

  • Improved file cache: Mix and match storage to create a hybrid cloud to take advantage of the newly refactored file system abstraction, including more flexibility and greater performance (up to 500% faster). Optional externally mounted file systems like Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP and others are scanned on-demand and in the background to increase performance. Support for SFTP external file systems is added.
  • Improved syncing of Desktop Client: Sync faster with dramatically improved sync performance between the desktop clients due to significantly reduced server overhead communications.
  • Security: Reduce the risk of harmful actions with updated app-level protection via CSRF protection checks, and forbidden inline JavaScript (XSS protection).
  • Improved versioning: Automatically manage versions on the server, expiring old versions when users run out of quota. A new intelligent algorithm keeps revisions every 2 seconds for the first 10 seconds, every 10 seconds for the next minute, every minute for the next hour, every hour for the next 24 hours, and one revision per day until running out of space or quota.

Other usability and performance improvements:

  • Faster and more compatible web-based PDF Viewer
  • Improved media player for listening to streaming media files
  • New file size and progress bars at work during downloads
  • Improved overall performance


We hope everyone will enjoy the new enhancements to NetSol Cloud.  We will continue to update this product in the future as cloud storage becomes a larger and more fundamental use for the internet.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at