We wanted to say thanks to the guys at Telsystems for doing a great job on our new phone system.  We needed a system that would let us tie our new annex office to our main office seamlessly and Telesystems really came through to provide it.   Our new system is an ESI with both digital and voip handsets.  When you call our office, our staff may be in either office, and you, the caller, can’t tell the difference.  The system also has door access capabilites which mean that when our staff members leave the annex office, our phones automatically update our voice mail messages to let callers know we are out of the office AND puts a light on the system to let the people in the main office know we are not in the building!

In addition to all this, while our techs are out of the office, you have the option of trying them on their cell phones.  If they can’t answer, you can still leave a message in their voice mail box.  All of this allows us to be more accessible by you, our customer, so we can provide you with the best support possible.

Thanks again to Telesystems for  providing us with a quality system that is exactly what we needed  to support our customers and the  needs of our growing business!