Outlook Express Email Setup

by nwebb
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Setting Up Your E-Mail Account – Outlook Express
Follow the instructions and images below to correctly setup your e-mail for Outlook Express.

• From your PC’s Desktop open “Outlook Express”.

• From the Menubar, click the “Tools” menu, then click onto “Accounts”.

•On the “Internet Accounts” page select the Mail tab at the top.

• Click the “Add” button and choose “Mail” (If there are other mail accounts listed you can
delete them by selecting the account and clicking “Remove”)

•In the “Display Name” dialog box, type the name you would like to be displayed.

• In the “E-mail Address” dialog box, type your e-mail address.

• The “E-mail Server Names” should match these shown.

• In the “Account Name” dialog box type your account name. It is the same as your email address.

• Hit Finish.You will be back on the Internet Accounts window. Hit the Properties button on the right side. Then, choose the Servers tab at the top to see the window below:

• Put a check next to “My server requires authentication” and hit the Settings button to reveal the window below:

• Put check marks next to both lines that say “This server requires a secure connectin”. You will see a blank with a 25 in it. Erase the 25 and replace it with 465.  If the incoming server still has 110 next to it, change that to 995. Hit OK, and then OK again. Click Close on the Internet Accounts window and you are done. If you have any questions, call us at 877-886-6868 or 256-547-6817.