August 15, 2019 – We will be performing some upgrades on our email system which will briefly interrupt email connections.   We will be performing the maintenance in a window tonight between 6:00pm and 7:00pm.   We are doing this outside of our normal “late night” maintenance window so that software support services will be available in case of an error.

Most of the upgrades are going to be “under the hood” including an operating system upgrade.  There are going to be some changes to the web interfaces and to some system functionality, but most of the changes other than the web interface will go unnoticed by end users.  One small change that you may notice is that the calendar in Portal and Tuxedo will now fast forward or scroll to a time block relevant to ‘now’ and in addition, users will be able to set “work hours” which will also be displayed differently on week/day view.

We’ll be posting updates here as the work progresses.   If you have any questions, please contact us at, chat using the Online Support window in the lower right of your browser, or call us at 256-547-6817.


Update: 6:15pm – Maintenance has started and we’re waiting on a filesystem check to complete.   As soon as it does, services should be restored for the most part, with only brief interruptions expected.  The filesystem check has bene going for about 15 minutes now.

Update: 6:16pm – Services are back up.

Update 6:34pm – The upgrade ran into an issue.   Services are still online, but the upgrade has not completed on the server.   We are working to resolve the issues.

Update 6:43pm – Issues have been corrected.  Upgrade is continuing.  Services are still online.

Update 6:45pm – Services going offline for one final time.  We expect less than 5 minute interruption and the process will be complete.

Update 6:48pm – Services back online and the maintenance is complete.   We are doing “backend” checks, but there should be no more customer impact.

Update 6:57pm – It seems that there are some small cosmetic issues which we need to resolve, especially in the “Mail Settings” interface.  We’ll be working on those shortly, but the functionality is not impacted – just the look.