December 26, 2018 – We are in the process of continuing the mandatory server updates which we had previously announced via letters to customers, socical media, and on this site ( ).  This round of updates will affect our site as well as some customers.  We will continue updating here as we proceed.

Update 4:00pm – Most sites should be in good order now unless there are compatibility issues with the new versions of software which have been installed.  We urge customers to thoroughly check their sites for functionality issues and let us know if any are found.

Update 6:20pm – We’ve finished checking through sites and we have identified a few issues.  We will be reaching out to the customers who we know are impacted tomorrow.  However, feel free to contact us if you think there is an issue which we have not contacted you about.


For questions or concerns about these upgrades, please email or call 256-547-6817.