August 3, 2022 – 6:15pm –  We experienced a service interruption as there were routing issues upstream of us.  This affected all services – phones, offsite backups, email, web hosting, etc.  The interruption started at about 5:00pm CDT and resolved itself at about 6:12pm.   We are continuing to monitor.  This issue is outside of our management area, and we are currently just able to work with upstream providers to troubleshoot.

Currently, this looks to be resolved as the routing has changed upstream – presumably to route around the troubled equipment or circuits.


Update 8:30pm – We had an additional disruption starting around 8:15pm.   This could be the routes resetting to the “normal” settings if the underlying issue has been fixed.  As of 8:30, everything seems OK, but we are continuing to monitor.

Update – August 4, 2022 – 6:45am – We have seen the issue return briefly a couple of times overnight.  Once around 1:15am and then a second time about 4:10am.  Each incident lasted approximately 15 minutes.  We still have an open ticket and are working to make sure the issue is properly fixed.



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