On your iPhone or iPod, tap Mail or from the Home screen choose Settings > Mail > Accounts > Add Account

  1. It will show you a list of email account types.  Click Other
  2. Select a server type — IMAP, POP or Exchange.  We support IMAP or POP.
  3. Enter your account information:
    1. Enter your email address
    2. The email server type (IMAP or POP)
    3. Enter your incoming mail server: pop.internetpro.net for POP or imap.internetpro.net for IMAP
    4. Your username is your entire email address in all small letters
    5. Enter your email password.
    6. Enter your outgoing mail server smtp.internetpro.net
    7. Enter your user name and password for incoming and outgoing servers.  The outgoing server uses the same username and password as the incoming and these are REQUIRED.