Nov. 3 2010 – Over the past few weeks we have noticed a huge increase in the volume of spam.  Although our system does a great job of recognizing spam messages, we found that it was being overloaded by the sheer volume of messages coming in.  We have seen many instances where our spam scanning had timed out causing spam email to come through untagged.  We have just brought an additional spam scanning server online to address this issue.   We are also making changes to the configurations of our spam servers in the hope that we will get more consistent and accurate spam tagging.

Nov. 4  2010  – The new server is now fully online and operational, sharing the learned spam database with all of the other servers.  In the past, each of our servers had maintained their own independent database, but those are now consolidated.  This consolidation will allow the database to grow faster (taking advantage of all servers at once) and to be the same across all the servers, resulting in more consistent tagging.  We hope everyone enjoys the improvements!