The ownCloud Sync Client is a desktop program running on your computer. One or more specified directories on the local machine are going to be synced to your NetSol Cloud. Files on your NetSol Cloud are automatically the same as the ones on the local disk. If you change one here, its gets there and vice versa.  The latest version of the client is version 2.6.0.

Windows Client Version 2.6.0


Download the installer program and start to install ownCloud Client on your machine.


Download (2.6.0)

Linux Clients Version 2.6.0


Download Binaries

Mac Client Version 2.6.0

ownCloud client for Mac

(Mac OS X 10.7 or better, Intel 64 bit)

Installing the ownCloud client on your Mac is as easy as ABC:

  1. Download the installation file
  2. Click ownCloud-, a window with the ownCloud icon opens
  3. In that window, drag the ownCloud application into the ‘Applications’ folder on the right hand side
  4. From ‘Applications’, choose ownCloud

For learning how to tell if your Intel-based Mac has 64-bit processor, please check this page.


Download (2.6.0)