Email Server Blacklisted

March 6, 2012  4:10pm — It looks like our email server has been blacklisted by SOBS and Spamcop.  We are working to find the reason for the listing. As soon as we determine the issue, we will request delisting.  In the mean time, our customers may see some of their email returned because of the blacklisting.



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Spam Updates

December 14, 2011 – We have introduced yet another blacklist service to our email server.  This one is known as SORBS, and information on it can be found at  It is a very aggressive blacklist, so we may get some false positives at first.  We will be working to whitelist any legitimate email as it is brought to our attention. In the long run, we expect the amount of spam traffic to be greatly reduced by this new list.

We did notice that AOL email was being blacklisted earlier today.  We have lifted the block on AOL, although there was an active spam attack coming from their networks.  The emails coming in will still be scanned for content, just not blocked automatically now.

If you have someone trying to send you email that is having trouble, please let us know.  If possible send a copy of the bounce message to so that we can review the reason for the rejection.

UPDATE – Apparently, we were also blocking some of Gmail’s server which are used by many domains.  We have lifted the ban on ALL of Gmail’s servers, but will continue to scan the content.

UPDATE2 – The same had happened to Comcast’s servers and a few of Yahoo’s servers.  We have updated our list of mail servers for and and lifted the block on them.


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