October 15, 2018 – 6:20am – One of our virtual machine hosts had a hardware problem this morning. It caused some of the virtual machines it was hosting to be slow to unresponsive for a brief time.  Our proactive monitoring system alerted us to the issue and we are currently troubleshooting the problem.  We will have to perform some emergency maintenance during the day today, but will migrate affected virtual machines to other hosts while this is done.   Performance may be slightly degraded during this time but most likely won’t be noticeable.   We will be posting updates here.


Update 6:55am – All machines are responding normally at this time.

Update 5:10pm – We are going to be rebooting some virtual machines to bring them up on temporary hardware. Normally, we can migrate them without a shutdown, but we are taking this opportunity to also upgrade the infrastructure, so a reboot is required. Most affected VMs will be down less than 1 minute.

October 16 10:45am – We are still running some VMs on a backup server and there was a hiccup with that server this morning.  Some servers were interrupted for approximately 10 minutes.  We are waiting on a hardware part to come in for the primary server that is not fully functional.

October 25, 5:10pm – We ran in to some issues with our backup server this morning so we’re going to perform some emergency maintenance this evening to move everything over to the primary server.  The part has arrived and the OS has been updated to the latest release.   There will be a short interruption on some machines as we perform a quick reboot.

Update 6:25pm – The work is complete and all is well with the world again (well, our little world).   This should close out this issue.


If you have any questions about this issue, please contact us at support@internetpro.net.