January 4, 2017 – 9:00am – There is an ongoing issue with a virtual server host which is causing some virtual private servers (VPS) to have performance problems.  We are aware of the issue and are working to resolve it as quickly as possible.  We will post updates as we have them.

9:30am – We are still experiencing some issues but have been restoring non-responsive VPS machines onto redundant hosts.  Most services are already back online and we will be migrating those back to the original host when we have resolved the problem.

9:50am – We are experiencing issues with Hosted Exchange services which are related to this issue.

10:15am – We have identified a memory problem with the problem host and are working to resolve it.

10:30am – All hosts are up and running although we do still have an issue with hosted Exchange which may cause some authentication issues.  If you are connected to Exchange with Outlook or on the web interface, please do not close it.  If you are authenticated, everything will work, but  you will not be able to reauthenticate until this issue is resolved.  Currently, there is not an estimated time to repair.

11:30am – We have repaired the hardware issue and are now working on migrating all VPS machines from the redundant hosts to their normal host.   We have also resolved the Hosted Exchange authentication issue.

11:50am – All issues have been cleared and all services should be back to normal.  If you are still experiencing issues, please contact us.



If you have any immediate questions, please email us at support@internetpro.net or call 256-547-6817.