One of our web servers is experiencing some hardware issues.  It has rebooted itself twice today (2/20/2013).   This particular server was scheduled to be replaced in the coming weeks anyway, but these issues have moved up our timetable.  We will be migrating customer sites from the old server to a new one.  Normally, this would be done during scheduled maintenance hours, but due to the hardware failure, we will be migrating the sites as quickly as possible.  Downtime should be minimal or nonexistent as we will be running both servers simultaneously.  However, it is possible that changes posted to a site may disappear if they are posted during the migration. Please keep an eye on your site functionality and let us know if you experience any problems.  Please note that this server only handles a fraction of our customers so most sites/customers will not see any changes at all.

Update 2/28/2013 – We found the issue – a power supply with an intermittent problem.  We’ve migrated many sites, but there are more to go.  But, now that the server is more stable, we will be taking our time to migrate the sites so that there is very little to no interruption in service.


For issues concerning this, please email or call 256-547-6817.