June 9, 2022 – We will be renewing a wildcard secure certificate today (*.internetpro.net).  This certificate protects/encrypts many pages and services including POP3, IMAP, SMTP, and web services on multiple servers.  There may be a brief interruption of these services as we load the new certificate.  This is a trusted certificate, so you should not get any errors during the process.  However, Apple devices sometimes do not handle certificate renewals well, so if you do get an error, please let us know by emailing support@internetpro.net, calling 256-547-6817, or using the chat window on this page.

We will post an update when the work is complete.


Update:  11:30am – This work has been completed.  We did not detect any issues or downtime at all.  Please let us know if you are experiencing issues which may be related.