June 29, 2018  – At approximately 11:30am CDT, Comcast started experiencing a nationwide issue.  From what we can tell, it is mostly a routing problem and does not affect all customers or all internet sites.  However, locally, customers of ClearVoice VOIP phone service are experiencing issues when their ISP is Comcast.  There are also numerous reports of websites which are unavailable including Alarm.com.   This issue is unrelated to the bad weather experienced by our area yesterday.   Comcast tech support is unavailable at this time due to high call volume, but we will post updates as soon as we find out more.

Update: 1:54pm – News outlets are starting to pick up this story. Apparently, the issue is not internal to Comcast’s network, but is actually a fiber cut to one of their large peers.  Here are some related articles:

As of right now, there is still no estimated time to repair.

Update 5:00pm – As of now, there is no real news from Comcast.  Right now, it is just a “wait and see” situation.

Update 7:30am 6/30/18 – The outage has been resolved.  It actually got resolved around the time of the last update, but Comcast did not make an announcement.  It has been announced that the fiber cuts causing the problems were in the CenturyLink network and the Zayo network.