November 24, 2014 – 1:45pm – Comcast is experiencing a large outage in the Gadsden area.  It seems to be a non-local event so it is affecting the entire area.   We have made contact with Comcast, and they do not currently have an accurate estimated time to repair (ETR).  Right now, we just have the generic automatic ETR of 5:56pm.   We’ll be posting updates here as quickly as we get them.

Our phones were also affected by this event, but we have now rerouted our voice traffic so our phones are back up.   We are returning calls as quickly as possible.

 Update 3:25pm –  No real update we’re afraid.  Repeated calls to Comcast reveal that the issue is still unknown.   The estimated time to repair remains the initially generated time of 5:56pm.  For a nice map detailing the nationwide issues Comcast is experiencing, go here:


Update 3:50pm – It looks like Comcast has come back up and has been stable for about 10 minutes.   Hopefully, the outage is over.