November 18, 2014 – We are preparing for a complete overhaul of our email system which is going to bring a lot of great new features!  We will be making a detailed announcement outlining the new features soon.  In the mean time, we are having to do some work on the existing mail server system to prepare for the migration to the new system.   This in conjunction with the large volume of email being processed daily, is causing some delays in email delivery.   We are aware of the issue and and are trying to minimize it, but it cannot be eliminated right now.   The existing mail hardware is getting a little long in the tooth and that is also contributing to the delays.   Please bear with us as we work to modernize and improve the email system.

We think you’ll be really happy with the new system, as it will be bringing several things like:

  • Improved webmail
  • Improved spam settings and filters including user-specific settings and templates
  • Improved speed
  • Many other features which we will be announcing shortly


We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience as we work to bring you improved services.