November 7, 2014 – We are pleased to announce a new release for the desktop sync client for NetSol Cloud.   This is a major release that brings a lot of new features.  First, it better supports the features introduced in our last major update of NetSol Cloud including the new file sharing.  The new client also now comes with overlay icons in the popular file managers on the supported platforms.  The icons visualize the sync and sharing status of the synced files on the desktop.

Another huge new feature of the new client is the “selective sync”.   Now, within a synced folder, subfolders can be excluded from the client synchronization.  For example, if you sync “My Documents” but have a subfolder inside  My Documents that you don’t want to sync, you can now do t hat.   This makes syncing of large data sets much easier to customize.

This release also brings several smaller improvements which make syncing faster and more reliable.

We do recommend that you upgrade to the new version which you can find on our Desktop Sync Client Page.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding this new release, please contact us at